Trident Services

Your business shouldn’t suffer through becoming what’s effectively an unpaid overdraft facility for your non-paying clients.
Trident Legal Services offer a range of Credit Control & Debt Collection services for business clients to help them improve cashflow, deal with late payments & persistent debtors and even reduce the chances of the problem happening again in the future.

Debt Collection

According to the Federation of Small Businesses, 50,000 businesses a year fail because of late payments. That’s an astonishing cost of £2.5 Billion to the UK Economy.

Collecting your overdue accounts and getting you the money your business is legitimately owed is the cornerstone of what we do. Talk to us for exact details, but essentially, if we’re successful, you’ll pay a small percentage commission of the money recovered. Simple as that. If we’re unsuccessful, you’ll pay nothing (other than any agreed Court Fees). We’ll add Court-approved statutory late payment fees and reasonable costs associated with debt recovery onto the outstanding amount which we collect from the debtor as part of our fee. But so long as the debtor pays in full, the result for your business is the overwhelming bulk of the overdue amount which should make your Bank Manager & Accountant much happier.